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7th Annual Volcom AmsterDamn Am is a Wrap

This weekend we went to Amsterdam in Holland for the 7th annual Volcom AmsterDamn Am. On top of the amazing location at one of Europe’s best skate parks, an overall purse of 10,000 Euros was the icing on the cake for this rad contest. The top 12 finalists also received a spot in the Tampa Am. Three days of bangers, BBQ, party and friendship was wrapped on Sunday. Congrats to all the skaters, organizers and thanks to everyone that came out to support the event.

1: Axel Cruysberghs - Poperinge, Belgium
2: Kyle Walker - Oklahoma City, OK
3: Robbin de Wit - Gouda, Netherlands
4: Alex Midler
5: Douwe Macare
6: Hermann Stene
7: Youness Amrani
8: Eniz Fazliov
9: Kilian Zehnder
10: Jorge Simões
11: Gard Hvaara
12: Tim Zom

Damn am finals winners photo-jelle keppens

AmsterDamn Am Skullcandy Best trick Results:
1: Youness Amrani - Hasselt, Belgium
2: Robbin de Wit - Gouda, Netherlands
3: Patrik Mazzuchini - Caxias do sul, Brazil
4: Harry Lintell - Ashford, UK
5: Kyle Walker - Oklahoma City, OK

Thanks to our friends from Skatepark of AmsterdamSkate Park of Tampa and Volcom for another great contest in beautiful Amsterdam and for letting us take part of all the fun times. See you all next year!

About Damn Am:
Brian Schaefer and Rob Meronek created the Damn Am series as they noticed that there was a need to bring the Tampa-style Am contests to skateboarders outside of Tampa (Florida). If you can’t get into Tampa Am directly through your sponsor, entering a DamnAm is the only official way to qualify for the prestigious Tampa Am. Basically the “flavor” of the Tampa contests is taken to locations around the world.

The first Damn Am started in 2001 at the Volcom Warehouse in Costa Mesa, California and has been going strong ever since. The success of that event led the inception of the Minnesota Damn Am, taking place every June in Minneapolis, which ran for nearly 10 years and moved to Atlanta in 2011. In 2006, Volcom decided to help take the Damn Am series over the pond and the AmsterDamn Am was born and has been etched into the schedule as a yearly event. The next move was to take one to Canada and finally in 2011 the first Damn Am China took place, rounding out four international stops.

In addition to a damn fun time, the Damn Ams have assisted many amateurs with getting noticed on their way to professional careers. To say that most of today’s top pros have skated in a Damn Am contest is not a stretch of the truth at all. In fact, with most of the industry watching at these events, it’s not difficult at all for a standout skater to pick up a new sponsor and gain some notoriety.

Volcom Stone’s AmsterDamn Am today is one of the major European skate competitions with its level of skateboarding. It gathers the top European and U.S. up-and-coming skaters into a three-day event of skating, friendship and good times.


Beautiful amsterdam Axel cruysberghs fs blunt photo-jelle keppens Axel cruysberghs fs feebs photo-jelle keppens Woody hoogendijk hardflip Kyle walker fakie fs flip photo-jelle keppens @dailybs thumbsup photo-jelle keppens Bikes and boards the only ways to get around town Dj wade Giveaways!! Harry lintell, eniz fasliov and daryl dominguez Little big ripper alex midler and jake smith Volcom media team Volcom team manager steve stratton  djwade keeping it real Damn am finals winners photo-jelle keppens This years winner axel cruysberghs Woody hoogendijk 2 Kyle walker stoked on his new skullcandy hesh Bye bye amsterdam, see you next year

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