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Skull Steeze: Camp Vibes

Camp vibes 2

We don’t know about you but we’re jonesing for a little R and R in the mountains. For skull steeze this week, we’ve got you covered from head-to-toe and more for that next overnight camping trip. Headed out with a big crew? Make sure to grab a Skullcandy Pipe for all to jam out to while roasting mallows and chillaxin’. Planning to hop on your mountain bike or throw on your running shoes to hit the trails? The Skullcandy 50/50’s are an essential to keep your tunes bumpin’ the entire time.  And last but not least, our audio enabled Rig jacket will certainly keep you warm when the temp drops at night. So, whatcha waitin for? Round up your closest pals and head for the hills!

Camp vibes 1

Items L - R, Top - Bottom: Polerstuff Backpack, Pendleton Blanket, Skullcandy Hesh, Filson Shirt, Skullcandy Pipe, Tellason Denim, Skullcandy Rig Jacket, Stanley Drink Bottle, Polerstuff T-Shirt, Skullcandy 50/50's, RedWing Boots

Camp vibes 4

Camp vibes 3

Camp vibes 5

Camp vibes 6

*Skullcandy does not claim the rights to any photos aside from our own products included in this post




Camp vibes 6 Camp vibes 5 Camp vibes 4 Camp vibes 3 Camp vibes 2 Camp vibes 1

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