Experience music the way it should sound. Skullcandy introduces Supreme Sound, the ultimate in audio quality featuring a full range of attacking bass, natural vocals and precision highs.

Eric Koston has become a legend in skateboarding since he turned pro in 1993, as well as an influence on skate fashion with his label Fourstar Clothing.

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With most consumer headphones, bass just doesn't deliver. Supreme Sound's Attacking Bass is just one of the components of the audio spectrum that gives a punchy and powerful sound, the way it should be.

We've gone back to the drawing board to create a sound that's engineered to your playlist.

2011 Street League Champion Sean Malto is the young skater from Kansas City, MO, who's known for his effortless skate style and considered the master of rails.

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Any mix, any music, any destination. The Aviator delivers Skullcandy’s proprietary Supreme Sound technology.
It’s the ultimate audio experience.

  • Custom styled drivers, materials and tuning
  • Inspired by classic aviator sunglasses
  • Stylish leather travel case
  • Collapsible for easy storage
  • Make/take calls, track control, voice command and photo shutter
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Kevin Durant was the consensus 2007 National College Player of the Year, 2006–2007 Big 12 Player of the Year, 2008 NBA Rookie of the Year, and the youngest player ever to win the NBA scoring title. Needless to say, it is likely there will be many more accolades for this basketball superstar.

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Conventional headphones frequently have tinny or hollow vocal sound. Supreme Sound does it better, creating a warm and smooth listening experience that's crystal clear.

Whether you're into gruff vocal sounds or something smoother, with Natural Vocals you'll hear every inflection of your favorite songwriter's lyrics.

James Harden not only has the best beard in the NBA, he also has incredible skills to back it up. 2012 NBA 6th Man of the Year, Harden has helped the Oklahoma City Thunder become one of the most formidable teams in the league.

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Skullcandy's Hesh headphones are equipped to provide optimal sound performance with their proprietary Supreme Sound technology. With iconic shape and streamlined audio, Hesh is the next generation in design and sound.

  • Enhanced parabolic sound
  • Leather touch ear pillows
  • Satin travel bag
  • Every aspect developed, tested and owned by Skullcandy
  • Iconic shape
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Since Kate Upton was signed to a professional modeling agency in 2008, her career has catapulted to superstardom. Most recently, she has become one of Sports Illustrated’s most recognized cover girls after receiving the honor of fronting the 2012 Swimsuit Edition. Kate’s fun-loving nature has turned her into a viral sensation as well, dancing across computers worldwide.

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Skullcandy has worked with some of the world's leading acoustic engineers to bring Precision Highs, part of Supreme Sound's extraordinary audio experience.

Harnessing precision, clean and spacious highs, you'll get to enjoy snappy high hats, guaranteed to make you appreciate quality sound.

Known as the nicest guy in skateboarding, Theotis Beasley is one of the most insane skaters with his flawless style and massive stash of tricks.

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With a patent-pending design and proprietary Supreme Sound audio, the Fix delivers unmatched performance and stays put no matter how hard you play.

  • Designed to securely fit in your ear
  • Make/take calls, track control, voice command and photo shutter
  • Industry standard cable, increased durability
  • Small carry case designed for convenient transfer
  • Every aspect developed, tested and owned by Skullcandy
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From his beginnings with DJ Qbert and DJ Apollo in the Invisbl Scratch Piklz to his most recent collaborations with Tommy Lee and Travis Barker, Mix Master Mike has earned his moniker: the Serial Wax Killer. Known for heavy hitting bass and precision scratch routines, he holds status as resident DJ for the world-renowned Beastie Boys.

Developed with guidance from Mix Master Mike - one of the most renowned DJs in the world – Mix Master features Skullcandy's Supreme Sound.
This is the only DJ headphone you will ever need.

  • External mute button
  • Cue Control through articulation of the ear cup
  • Collapsible for easy storage and transport
  • Make/take calls, track control, voice command and photo shutter
  • Dual channel technology
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Onra is a world renowned music producer based in Paris, France. His first album was made in collaboration with producer and friend Quetzal in 2006, and since then he's gone from strength to strength, including his critically acclaimed LP Long Distance on All City records. He now joins forces with his friend Walter Mecca as part of Skullcandy's latest European music venture: the 'Supreme Sound From' series. Bringing you exclusive tracks from Europe's greatest cities, this first one is 'From Paris' with three tracks to be released on limited edition vinyl in June.